We look forward to joining your Holy table very soon!

Our Story

Hiddr Meats VA is borne of the soils of Virginia's Blue Ridge and the creative determination of a landowner, grazier, and kosher butcher. Our cattle are raised and finished on fine perennial pasture of clovers, winter grasses, and augmented forages of no-till annuals planted directly into the rotated pastures along with high-quality hays. We pay attention to detail from the soil on up and cut our meats so you can feel good sharing the finest kosher meats with your loved ones.

At Hiddr Meats VA, we believe that meat is for sharing…and celebrating…and providing for all. Whether you eat meat or not, we believe that you, too, should benefit from the gift of regenerative pastures and the services they provide – biodiversity, carbon storage, local economy, and inspiration. By raising just enough animals and moving them frequently from pasture to pasture, we maintain productive and resilient landscapes for this generation and into the future. Our animals are cared for and intentionally handled with the highest regard from calving through harvest. Just as the word “hiddr” means to elevate through beauty, we are obliged to share these beautiful gifts with you.