Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed and grass finished Glatt Kosher Beef grown with care in the Blue Ridge of Central Virginia.

Beef Cubes for Kabob

Choice cubes of shoulder eye well trimmed to 1.5" morsels for the grill and skewer. (2 lb Packs)


Beef Cubes for Kabob (5-Pack)

Choice Pieces for the Skewer

Save $20.00

Beef Cubes for Stew

Succulent 1" cubes of chuck cleaned of gristle and ready for your braise or stew. (2 lb Packs)


Beef Cubes for Stew (5 Pack)

Succulent Cubes for Stews and Braising

Save $17.00

Bones Bundle

An assortment of individually portioned bone packs including marrow, beefy neck, jelly, and knuckle bones. (Approx. 2.5 lbs each; Total Bundle Weight Averages 10 lbs)

Family Pack

This bundle includes one large braising roast (8-10 lbs), one small dry roast (2-4 lbs), 8 lbs of Ground Beef, 6 lbs of Cubes for Stew, and 4 Packs of Steaks (8-10 lbs). (Total Bundle Weight Averages 36 lbs)

Ground Beef

Ground Beef like you wouldn't believe. Whether your making burgers for the grill, Bubbe's Famous meatballs, or another treasured recipe, this tender grind has you covered. Sourced from clean lean trim and navel for an 80% lean experience. (2 lbs Packs)


Ground Beef (5 Pack)

Flavorful and Juicy Grind for All Uses

Save $30.00


A modest assortment of cuts for a finer palate. This bundle includes one Deckel Roast (2.5-3 lbs), one Shoulder London Broil (1.5-2 lbs), one pack of Cubes for Stew (2 lbs) and two packs of Ground Beef (2 lbs each). (Total Bundle Weight Averages 10 lbs)


Searer's Pack

Grill meats for all occasions. This bundle includes one pack each of Ribeye, Hanger, Flatiron, Denver, and Skirt Steaks (2 lbs per Pack) along with two packs of each of Ground Beef and Cubes for Kabob (2 lbs Packs). (Total Bundle Weight Averages 18 lbs)

The Gourmand

This is a discerning bundle for discerning taste. Each bundle include 3 packs of Ribeye Steaks (6 lbs), and one each of Ribeye Filet (2.5 lbs), Crescent Steak, (1.5 lbs), Skirt Steak (2 lbs), and Short Ribs (3 lbs). (Total Bundle Weight Averages 15 lbs)